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Making the jump

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So I have only been running for 3 years and my furthest race has been a half marathon. That being said my determination is larger than my brain..
I have a half in November
Then a 50K in December
I also got invited to attempt a 100k in January
I’m going to do them all,will I succeed I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that I will get out there and bust my ass if I have to tap out I will. Yeah I’m writing this on the one year anniversary of getting a heart stent. So yeah never let anyone tell you not to try something
worst case scenario, you fail, learn from it and try again.



Trail running

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Trail running is my love. It brings challenges and focus that are very different from road running. I did a swampstomp Sunday. Here is a pick of me running through “interesting” conditions.13770436_10210240392915107_1802637195436950725_n

NCSF certified Personal Trainer

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Passed the test officially.

Tomorrow is the day

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I take my personal trainer certification test. I have studied I have worked in the field. I know what I need to accomplish yet I still have doubt even after acing multiple practice exams. This isn’t something new to me self doubt is a constant…wish me luck.

Personal Trainers

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So how much does or a should a personal trainers physical appearance affect your decision to train with them. I am not an Adonis but I know what I am doing and how to get results. I am NOT a pretty boy nor would I ever want to be, I have lived the life of a fat man for 99% of my life. With that being said will any of that matter to my clients? Should it? Would you rather train with someone who can actually relate to your struggles. Or with someone who is pleasant to look at and won the genetic lottery. I’m not saying that the pre conceived notion of how a trainer looks is a bad thing. More so that pre conceived notions are a bad thing. If you saw my before and after (done solely by me) would you hire me? Replies are appreciated.12662468_10208798961120213_4585763578420156125_n

Hi I’m Bob and I’m a hypocrite…

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-PAXP-deijE-PAXP-deijE11401113_10207047084804400_7343364193669349311_nI am just what the title suggests. I believe in no body shame, yet I don’t practice what I preach. As a former big guy I will never feel comfortable going shirtless and subject the general public to that. The few times I will:
1-Sexy time with my wife
2- The shower
I like most fat guy or former fat guys am far more likely to drop trow in public ( even if that isn’t impressive) than I am to show my gut and hairy man boobs to the world.
So today I went on a rum alone in the woods…. and i took my shirt off. It was kind of liberating yet extremely awkward.Would I offend the wildlife? What if I ran across a judgmental hobo? What would I do? Eventually I said fuck it and just ran. I know I will never be super comfortable shirtless no matter what shape I am in physically because emotionally I am damaged.12662468_10208798961120213_4585763578420156125_n

Why do we run?

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For me it started as a way to aid in my weight loss (I dropped 120 pounds in a year all naturally and safely I might add) then it evolved. I run for time…but not in the way most do. I don’t run to be fast or for medals as I will never be fast and I have placed a few times and that is cool. When I say I run for time I mean I run for that time to myself to challenge myself, to take in the beauty of nature. Today I ran in a very wet muddy trail and until today I’ve never really gotten wet running. Mostly because I’ve just never ran trails when it was really wet. Well once I knew I had my traction thanks to my trusty Hoka’s I was bounding through muddy, sludgy beautiful trails like a kid puddle jumping. Not a care in the world. I wasn’t worried about ruining my shoes or getting my car muddy. I was living

in the moment with a big damn smile on my face. That’s why I run.