Personal Trainers

So how much does or a should a personal trainers physical appearance affect your decision to train with them. I am not an Adonis but I know what I am doing and how to get results. I am NOT a pretty boy nor would I ever want to be, I have lived the life of a fat man for 99% of my life. With that being said will any of that matter to my clients? Should it? Would you rather train with someone who can actually relate to your struggles. Or with someone who is pleasant to look at and won the genetic lottery. I’m not saying that the pre conceived notion of how a trainer looks is a bad thing. More so that pre conceived notions are a bad thing. If you saw my before and after (done solely by me) would you hire me? Replies are appreciated.12662468_10208798961120213_4585763578420156125_n


3 Responses to “Personal Trainers”

  1. I think if you share your story with others they will be inspired. Being relatable is more important in the end! Just my two cents

  2. It makes sense to me to turn to someone whos actually done and been through what I need to do. For example losing weight – its probably easier to take advice from someone whos been overweight and lost it and kept it off rather than someone whos never struggled with weight and although they know the physical aspects of losing it they wont undestand the mental side of weightloss and the feelings that go with being overweight etc If I was to pick a trainer tbh looks wouldnt matter as much as someone who can motivate and understand my head and my desire to improve. If theres a good rapport then thats what matters

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