Trail running

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Trail running is my love. It brings challenges and focus that are very different from road running. I did a swampstomp Sunday. Here is a pick of me running through “interesting” conditions.13770436_10210240392915107_1802637195436950725_n

In today’s news

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I will be quitting my job as a trainer. The company I worked for (Around the clock fitness) has ripped me off of literally thousands of dollars. My complaints have fallen on deaf ears. I hate to leave my clients, they work so hard towards their goals but I cannot work at a place that puts zero focus on honesty. I learned a lot there in a small time about what I don;t want to be like and how not to treat people. and with that said  I’m out.

NCSF certified Personal Trainer

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Passed the test officially.

Tomorrow is the day

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I take my personal trainer certification test. I have studied I have worked in the field. I know what I need to accomplish yet I still have doubt even after acing multiple practice exams. This isn’t something new to me self doubt is a constant…wish me luck.

I’m now a Fitfluential Ambassador

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Why are people so disingenuous and full of hate? People are so judgmental about hot button issues such as transgender bathroom usage and whether or not people should or shouldn’t identify as(fill in the blank). Why be so hateful about someone else]s life? I don’t sit back on a moral high horse and judge people…not really my thing but I see SO much intolerance it makes me sick.People I know who claim not to be racist or homophobic will let remarks come out and defend it with “we Christian’s are attacked constantly”. By whom? I am not a religious person. I’m a straight white male pushing forty married with a daughter from an ex wife. Some will say I live a life of “privilege” and while white privilege is a very real issue. I certainly wasn’t born nor am I now wealthy. Why be so bitter about how Caitlyn Jenner chooses to live her life?It’s hers let her be happy. I’m bombarded daily on FB by people I used to know who used to be very different in their thought processes. It makes me sad to see other humans slandered because they dob’t fit your definition of “normal”. I want my daughter to have the best life possible. My wish is that whomever she chooses to love treats her well.

Blogging is it for you?

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Short answer for me, probably not. When I write something with substance it gets no attention if I post a pic from the gym that gets liked. Maybe this isn’t for me.


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