The Road and the damned a guide to running

So I just wanted to jot down a few thoughts on my year in running.
I did my first half marathon and kept all my toe nails, I did many 5K’s and a few 10k’s. Most importantly running helped me realize I had an issue with my heart. You see if it wasn’t for training I wouldn’t have felt the pain in my chest that ended up being two blockages in my heart one 60% one 90%. I started running as a way to help get in shape like a lot of people do… then it became more than that. It can be meditative and therapeutic or even maddening some days, but it’s always mine. When I run a race I am never racing the other people. I am challenging myself to do something I don’t believe I can do. In doing this I may have actually saved my own life this year.


One Response to “The Road and the damned a guide to running”

  1. Running helps us in so many ways. Glad you had a great year running. Keep it up.

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