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It’s Friday

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Which means I got laid off today. I have spent six years working for a company with no loyalty. Today they proved it in spades. On the plus side I have been studying for my personal trainer certification. This just sped up the process. I left my former job and went straight to my gym. They are running a background check as I type this.So hopefully within a week my foot will be in the door and a few weeks later I’ll be doing what I actually want to do. I hope to help people who were like I was. People who have it in them they just need to find what “it” is.


Today I had…

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So today I had one of the things runners especially trail runners dread…BUBBLE GUT.
Now it isn’t a rolled ankle or a shit your pants type scenario, that being said when every step you run feels like you could projectile vomit from a burp if you could only conjure one it isn’t fun. Other than that is was a nice 6.5 miles out on the trails in lovely Florida. Ran up on 6 deer always a cool experience. Oh yeah and trained a girl at the gym before my run…I think I killed her. How was your day?

Hi I’m Bob and I’m a hypocrite…

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-PAXP-deijE-PAXP-deijE11401113_10207047084804400_7343364193669349311_nI am just what the title suggests. I believe in no body shame, yet I don’t practice what I preach. As a former big guy I will never feel comfortable going shirtless and subject the general public to that. The few times I will:
1-Sexy time with my wife
2- The shower
I like most fat guy or former fat guys am far more likely to drop trow in public ( even if that isn’t impressive) than I am to show my gut and hairy man boobs to the world.
So today I went on a rum alone in the woods…. and i took my shirt off. It was kind of liberating yet extremely awkward.Would I offend the wildlife? What if I ran across a judgmental hobo? What would I do? Eventually I said fuck it and just ran. I know I will never be super comfortable shirtless no matter what shape I am in physically because emotionally I am damaged.12662468_10208798961120213_4585763578420156125_n