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Hoka speed instinct review

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So I have been waiting weeks to get my hands on these new Hoka trail shoes. I took em  out for a quick trail run this morning. I have to say they are some of the most comfortable Hoka’s I’ve ever worn. The 3mm drop is perfect for me, the shoe is responsive and cushioned at the same time. The lugs aren’t huge but they are more than adequate. The shoe is pretty light and feels fast on your feet. It does seem to soak up every bit of water it touches… But hey that’s life in Florida. All in all a solid shoe I currently would give it an 8 out of 10.


In today’s news

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I will be quitting my job as a trainer. The company I worked for (Around the clock fitness) has ripped me off of literally thousands of dollars. My complaints have fallen on deaf ears. I hate to leave my clients, they work so hard towards their goals but I cannot work at a place that puts zero focus on honesty. I learned a lot there in a small time about what I don;t want to be like and how not to treat people. and with that said  I’m out.

I’m now a Fitfluential Ambassador

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Blogging is it for you?

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Short answer for me, probably not. When I write something with substance it gets no attention if I post a pic from the gym that gets liked. Maybe this isn’t for me.

3:46 am on a Saturday

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I’m getting ready to to train my first client of the day, I started thinking about all the slogans I see on clothing at the gym. like “Just do it” or “Sweat is fat dying” or whatever campaign is popular this month. What I wanna see is real clothing. Something like “I’m here because I love cheeseburgers” or “I’m here because society says I should be”or “I pretend to be confident” A lot of people I see are not in it for the health aspect it is solely the physical… I wish it weren’t that way. Now don’t get me wrong I love certain phrases as a former fat guy  “redefining my impossible” is one I live by. I also like funny shit like “I ran this half marathon because I love cheese” which I do and I have.


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So you may or may not know I’m a very passionate person, one that loves music and photography. There are times for me that these passions combine and I will get a “press pass” this happened the other night for Buckethead here is my recap of the show.

Ok so Buckethead was amazing. I’ve been to literally hundreds of shows and never experienced anything quite like that, Watching someone is is quite possibly the best they are at what they do is something to behold. I mean here is this amazing musician that never speaks and hides his identity walking around the stage like he is 1/4 ninja, 1/4 robot, 1/4 Babbadook and the last 1/4 a spider. At times it was like the music was assaulting me in the best way possible, Also the most eclectic fanbase I’ve ever seen. From people in pushing their 70’s to hipsters and everything in between. At this moment I’d like to give a shout out to the dumbass white dude with dreads I almost fought. You see dreads was REALLY drunk and kept running into people. He fought with a woman over a toy (at first I thought they had just fallen) Then he ran through the crowd carrying a woman slamming into people along the way (one of them me and my camera) So I did the Bob thing I shoved him… hard. He turns and starts staring and pointing to a kid beside me I shove him again and say “it was me bitch” He didn’t want to fight. He then jumps onstage almost ruins the show a tech tossed him from the stage NOBODY tried to catch him. I may or may not have kicked him directly in the ass… After the show I saw dreads in the street and he said to me “One love Brotha” I may have grabbed a certain part of my anatomy and said “I got your love right here fucker. All in all an amazing night that is hard to put into words.

It’s Friday

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Which means I got laid off today. I have spent six years working for a company with no loyalty. Today they proved it in spades. On the plus side I have been studying for my personal trainer certification. This just sped up the process. I left my former job and went straight to my gym. They are running a background check as I type this.So hopefully within a week my foot will be in the door and a few weeks later I’ll be doing what I actually want to do. I hope to help people who were like I was. People who have it in them they just need to find what “it” is.