Why do we run?

For me it started as a way to aid in my weight loss (I dropped 120 pounds in a year all naturally and safely I might add) then it evolved. I run for time…but not in the way most do. I don’t run to be fast or for medals as I will never be fast and I have placed a few times and that is cool. When I say I run for time I mean I run for that time to myself to challenge myself, to take in the beauty of nature. Today I ran in a very wet muddy trail and until today I’ve never really gotten wet running. Mostly because I’ve just never ran trails when it was really wet. Well once I knew I had my traction thanks to my trusty Hoka’s I was bounding through muddy, sludgy beautiful trails like a kid puddle jumping. Not a care in the world. I wasn’t worried about ruining my shoes or getting my car muddy. I was living

in the moment with a big damn smile on my face. That’s why I run.


6 Responses to “Why do we run?”

  1. Wow. What an amazing transformation!

  2. Yes, definitely all good reasons for running!

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