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So I was thinking…

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So I’ve been thinking about the amazing double standards that are placed on women. Traditionally speaking a “sexy or desirable” woman will put on a ton of makeup or a something we are told is sexy like the garment below. Where as we as men are supposed to just sat and there in our boxer briefs and take it all in like masters of the universe… What a bunch of shit. Who came up with this thought process and what guy really feels this way? Personally what I find attractive is a woman comfortable I. Her own skin, one who looks just as good in sweats as she does “dressed up”. Guys have you ever worn something ridiculous or Lacy for your woman probably not ( and if you had most wouldn’t admit it lest your manhood be threatened). Just my thought but to me sexy, beautiful and desirable have nothing to do with the clothes you wear, how you wear your skin is far more important.1935847_10208492568500589_1049292708117492900_n


Running Socks…

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So what are my fellow runners favorite socks to run in and why? I have been using Feetures but just ordered some Bombas. Also what type of climate/terrain are you running in?

Running for a cure

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I have a 5K beard run next month that I am raising money for, it is for cancer research.  I do all the cancer runs in honor of my stepfather one of the strongest men I’ve ever known. I have raised almost my whole goal. It is always nice to see strangers come together for a worthy cause. If you are interested in donating let me know thank you. Here is a link to donate if you wish…



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For those that don’t know me I love a few things very much
1.My family
2.Working out
4. Football specifically The Tampa Bay Buccaneers
So with today being game day I woke up early and went to the gym rocking some Bucs gear. Now I will nap and listen to music till kickoff since I work till midnight (somebody has to catch the shoplifters). Today is gonna be a great one. Sweep the Saints.

Are you a shoe whore?

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Lets talk about shoes for a moment, specifically running shoes. You see before i started running I had one pair of shoes that encompassed all my needs. Now however I have two pair of Saucony three pairs of Mizuno one Brooks one Hoka and one Nike (Not to mention my failed Newton experiment). Now I find myself ALWAYS looking at shoes, so much so my wife laughs at me. So my question is do you have a favorite brand? A favorite model maybe? Do you use the same pair for road as well as trails please let me know.
I’m The road and the damned and I’m a shoe whore.

Going into 2016

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No empty resolutions, just problems being solved. I am in a state of true happiness. I look for this to continue. Also add in a few PR’s…

The Road and the damned a guide to running

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So I just wanted to jot down a few thoughts on my year in running.
I did my first half marathon and kept all my toe nails, I did many 5K’s and a few 10k’s. Most importantly running helped me realize I had an issue with my heart. You see if it wasn’t for training I wouldn’t have felt the pain in my chest that ended up being two blockages in my heart one 60% one 90%. I started running as a way to help get in shape like a lot of people do… then it became more than that. It can be meditative and therapeutic or even maddening some days, but it’s always mine. When I run a race I am never racing the other people. I am challenging myself to do something I don’t believe I can do. In doing this I may have actually saved my own life this year.