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3:46 am on a Saturday

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I’m getting ready to to train my first client of the day, I started thinking about all the slogans I see on clothing at the gym. like “Just do it” or “Sweat is fat dying” or whatever campaign is popular this month. What I wanna see is real clothing. Something like “I’m here because I love cheeseburgers” or “I’m here because society says I should be”or “I pretend to be confident” A lot of people I see are not in it for the health aspect it is solely the physical… I wish it weren’t that way. Now don’t get me wrong I love certain phrases as a former fat guy  “redefining my impossible” is one I live by. I also like funny shit like “I ran this half marathon because I love cheese” which I do and I have.


Are you a shoe whore?

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Lets talk about shoes for a moment, specifically running shoes. You see before i started running I had one pair of shoes that encompassed all my needs. Now however I have two pair of Saucony three pairs of Mizuno one Brooks one Hoka and one Nike (Not to mention my failed Newton experiment). Now I find myself ALWAYS looking at shoes, so much so my wife laughs at me. So my question is do you have a favorite brand? A favorite model maybe? Do you use the same pair for road as well as trails please let me know.
I’m The road and the damned and I’m a shoe whore.