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So I drove out to the woods today for a nice trail run. I went there knowing I’d left my trail shoes in the car. I however had forgotten that they were wet and in a bag. I opened the bag and a smell formed a visual hammer in the sky like in a cartoon and started assaulting me. They smelled bad rally fucking bad. I couldn’t even let myself wear them on the trails as I was afraid to get an instant infection and lose a digit. I wore my kinvara’s on the trails… not the same. Git the run in drove home with the windows down in my car because once the bag of stench was bothered it wouldn’t be contained. I got home and doused them in a combination of good old fashioned blue Dawn and white vinegar while standing in a pentacle reciting one of Bobby Singer’s incantations to send the Succubus back to where it came from. They are now basking in the Florida sun. Waiting….Watching… STINKING


Are you a shoe whore?

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Lets talk about shoes for a moment, specifically running shoes. You see before i started running I had one pair of shoes that encompassed all my needs. Now however I have two pair of Saucony three pairs of Mizuno one Brooks one Hoka and one Nike (Not to mention my failed Newton experiment). Now I find myself ALWAYS looking at shoes, so much so my wife laughs at me. So my question is do you have a favorite brand? A favorite model maybe? Do you use the same pair for road as well as trails please let me know.
I’m The road and the damned and I’m a shoe whore.