Today I had…

So today I had one of the things runners especially trail runners dread…BUBBLE GUT.
Now it isn’t a rolled ankle or a shit your pants type scenario, that being said when every step you run feels like you could projectile vomit from a burp if you could only conjure one it isn’t fun. Other than that is was a nice 6.5 miles out on the trails in lovely Florida. Ran up on 6 deer always a cool experience. Oh yeah and trained a girl at the gym before my run…I think I killed her. How was your day?


6 Responses to “Today I had…”

  1. Worked on post winter repairs of my greenhouse and went for a 3.8 mile cruise about. Hit the gym later tonight in preparation for Sunday’s 5k.

  2. Nice I have one on Saturday.

  3. Is “bubble gut” what you get when you cross a burger, fries, a coke and a long run? That’s what I had yesterday. I keep learning that lesson the hard way.

  4. I think I’d rather have a bubble gut than exploding diarrhea whilst running. That’s a for sure 😀

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