So I was thinking…

So I’ve been thinking about the amazing double standards that are placed on women. Traditionally speaking a “sexy or desirable” woman will put on a ton of makeup or a something we are told is sexy like the garment below. Where as we as men are supposed to just sat and there in our boxer briefs and take it all in like masters of the universe… What a bunch of shit. Who came up with this thought process and what guy really feels this way? Personally what I find attractive is a woman comfortable I. Her own skin, one who looks just as good in sweats as she does “dressed up”. Guys have you ever worn something ridiculous or Lacy for your woman probably not ( and if you had most wouldn’t admit it lest your manhood be threatened). Just my thought but to me sexy, beautiful and desirable have nothing to do with the clothes you wear, how you wear your skin is far more important.1935847_10208492568500589_1049292708117492900_n


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